Stainless Steel Coatings, INC. Steel-it Polyurethane 14oz Spray Can (Mixed, 12 cans)


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Protects Steel from: Severe atmospheric environments Abrasion and impact Water (fresh and salt) High pressure wash downs Uses: Structural steel, food processing and packaging equipment Industrial equipment metal parts, air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, etc. Maintenance of trucks, auto parts, trailers Bridges, tanks, towers System Recommendations: Atmospheric Service in Light-Moderate Duty Areas. - 1 coat - STEEL-IT Alkyd Weathering Primer #2203 1 coat - STEEL-IT Polyurethane (within 4-24 hours of applying 2203 Primer) Heavy Duty Service. - 1 coat - STEEL-IT Alkyd Weathering Primer #2203 2 coats - STEEL-IT Polyurethane (within 4-24 hours of applying 2203 Primer) Surface Preparation: General use in light atmospheric service. - Hand or power tool clean (SSPC-SP-2 and -3) after thoroughly removing all oils, salts and other contaminants. Heavy Duty Service. - Sandblast to an SSPC-SP-6 (commercial blast) Anchor pattern should be cut and angular (1.5-2.0 mils deep). Film Thickness: General use. - 1 coat (3.0 dry mils minimum) Heavy Duty use. - 2 coats (3.0 dry mils per coat) Film thickness on blasted surfaces should be measured up from the peaks of the anchor pattern. Drying Time: Dry to touch in 2 hours and should be recoated within 24 hours. The finished system can be put into light service in 36 hours. The system will continue to cure to maximum hardness and protection for 5-10 days. Coverage: Finish: theoretical coverage - 150 sq. ft./gallon at 3.0 dry mil. In practice these values will be reduced at least 25% by loss factors. Limitations: Apply only when surface and ambient temperatures are above 40° F Relative humidity must be less than 86%. Surface temperature must be at least 5° F above dew point Recommended for Surfaces where operating temperatures will not exceed 200° F.