Seaward Products Water Heater-12v 3 Gal S360ew


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3 Gallon Hot Water Heater White Epoxy

Whale Electric Water Heaters includes models with the very latest technology. All heaters are manufactured from only highest quality materials and designed to specifically withstand harsh marine conditions

Whale's 11 ltr (3 US Gal) heaters are the lightest water heater at 14 lbs, saving weight on board. The white epoxy coating blends in well with existing equipment and the coated aluminium material offers corrosion resistance and weight saving.

Features and Benefits

Side mounted combination electric/heat exchanger
Robust Manufacturing
Hold down brackets welded to inner tank
Double wall heat exchangers
Integrated pressure relief valve
Temperature and pressure drain tube included
Sturdy, robust epoxy coated exterior
Ignition protected

Magnesium anodes available separately*
*Recommended to prevent corrosion and ensure a longer water heater life
Whale Seaward 3 Gal Hot Water Heater White Epoxy