Garry Dean’s Transform Dressing (1 gal)


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This state of the art transforming gel is tuneable to your needs. This is a tire gel, trim gel, tire shine spray, and an interior protectant, depending on how you dilute it. Contains UV inhibitors. Directions: When using as a tire gel or tire shine spray, clean tires with Infinite Purpose Cleaner and a hard bristled brush, prior to applying. Apply a line or spray of product onto a foam tire applicator. Then wipe on tires. Wipe off excess product. Wait 10-15 minutes before you drive the vehicle. When using as a trim protectant, clean trim with soap and water, wipe on gel. When using as an interior protectant, spray on surface to be protected and wipe in with a clean microfiber towel. Shake well before using. Caution: Do not eat this gel, it is not a snack! If ingested, contact a physician immediately. Dilutions: For Tire and Trim gel use direct out of the bottle Dilute 40% gel in 60% water for tire shine spray Dilute 25% gel in 75% water for darkening (no shine) interior uv protectant Disclaimer: All products were designed to work together as a system, following the Garry Dean Maintenance Program (see If you do not use them together and follow the GDMP, you will not get the most out of these products.