Dr. Beasley’s MPK-200 Matte Motorcycle Paint Prescription – 22 oz.


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With the same great products as the Dr. Beasley's Matte Paint Prescription but with smaller portions, this kit was desgined speicifically for motorcycles. The matte fairings, fenders, and tanks on bikes still need caring for, but don't need nearly as much product as a full car might. Buy the Matte Motorcycle Prescription today and treat your bike to the level of care that it deserves. Includes Matte Body Wash (12 oz.), Matte Paint Cleanser (4 oz.), Matte Paint Sealant (2 oz.), Matte Final Finish (4 oz.).
Desgined specifically for motorcycles
Desgined specifically for motorcycles
Includes Matte Body Wash, Matte Paint Cleanser, Matte Paint Sealant, Matte Final Finish